You have seen self-driving vehicles in sci-fi magazines and the latest blockbuster movies. In the past, it didn’t seem possible…. Now, it is possible!

Inuma Self-Driving Car

In fact, they are no longer in your dreams, you are taking a ride soon.

Ever wanted to buy something from USA? Here we go with a safe, quick, and affordable way to do just that.



Now Shopping in big stores like Amazon, Walmart Apple and many more; hasn’t been so easy. 


More than just a map, the biggest thing happening to fleet management since they were created.


Inuma GPS Tracking System

Your vehicle has been looking for this. Unfortunately, it doesn’t speak; We are speaking for it!


Hey, My Home…

Play some relaxing music.”

Meet Inuma Smart House

Your home in a new way with security, cinema, music, lights …., and a voice assistant to help you. Everything you love in your home is taken to another level. It’s not a home, It’s the future.

The next great idea is about you and only you.

Meet Inuma Cybersecurity

Your cybersecurity is our next biggest obsession.


Inuma Technology Ltd is a company that was founded in 2017 by the inspiration of the Holy Spirit as its motto claims 'With The Holy Spirit'. Its vision is to show the world that Jesus is not only concerned with making you free from sin, but that He can also make you wealthy among the wealthiest and create a simpler way of life in and around You.


Inuma Technology develops products that are on an international standard and reliable for everyone around the world. We make sure that every time a customer experiences any of our products it will eventually inspire an easier, healthier and more efficient lifestyle into their lives.