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we are happy to share a new solution we are working on in our lab, a Self-driving car experience. The first of its kind in the country of thousand hills, it will be powered by our own artificial intelligence for a completely hands-free experience with your car. We are working tirelessly to combine both artificial intelligence, software, and hardware to provide a smart, one of a kind and helpful experience. We have already released the software and we  are scheduling to launch the car by the end of 2020. 

Powered by Inuma Technology

Inumastore.com allows you to shop in any USA store like amazon.com, walmart.com, apple.com and many others, get your product in one week at your home address. We allow you also to submit a link of the product you need and to pay using online payment system, we ship worldwide in any country. Our special team checks the quality of the product and offer advises for free to ensure you get the high quality products.


Inuma Technology Ltd is a company that was founded in 2017 by the inspiration of the Holy Spirit as its motto claims 'With The Holy Spirit'. Its vision is to show the world that Jesus is not only concerned with making you free from sin, but that He can also make you wealthy among the wealthiest and create a simpler way of life in and around You.


Inuma Technology develops products that are on an international standard and reliable for everyone around the world. We make sure that every time a customer experiences any of our products it will eventually inspire an easier, healthier and more efficient lifestyle into their lives.

Powered by Inuma Technology

Inuma GPS is a satellite-based tracking system that gives you the opportunity to track anything. We can build a customized tracking system for your institutions on your own servers or offer you access to use our online tracking system at inumagpstrack.com. If you have a car leasing business or any other asset, Inuma GPS is the right choice for the security and smooth monitoring.

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Inuma Smart House is a deep learning customizable AI-powered system with a central communication point that connects all the possible home electronic appliances and allows you to remotely access them even on the go using only your smart phone. We offer only one app by which you manage all features from lighting system, music system, security mode, economic mode, etc. Our system doesn’t require internet to function (offline) and it is customizable depending on our clients needs. READMORE…

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