What make us special

We focus on most recent and futuristic technology to create international standardized products. We spend many years testing the product and improving it before approving it’s release for sale. 


Inuma Technology is an international company that is based in Rwanda. With the prime idea of crafting ideas into solutions. everyone at Inuma Technology employs their skills to create products that will inspire a smarter lifestyle to everyone who will use them. With current technologies and newly created technologies, Inuma Technology aims at becoming the largest and most trusted tech company all over the world in the years to come. Creating new and original tech patents and solutions that will be of great help worldwide in all sectors of life is an objective that we at Inuma Technology all look forward to in the near future.


Inuma Technology Ltd was created in 2017, as an inspiration from the “Holy Spirit”, our mission is to show the whole world that Jesus will not save people from sins only, but he will make them wealthy among the wealthiest.


Inuma Technology Ltd is developing smart products that are on an international standard and reliable for everyone. We are making sure that whenever a customer experiences any of our products, she/he will be inspired by a futuristic, easier, healthier, and more productive lifestyle.