Inuma Cybersecurity applies offensive cybersecurity skills to help secure organizations, and eventually fight against the bad guys (black-hat hackers) on the web. Institutions hire us to test their digital assets when they want to know whether they are safe or not. For trust issues that may arise, a legal agreement is put in place to protect both parties. Most of what we do revolves around external penetration testing and software testing.

Cyber incidents have been increasing in frequency and cost in recent years, with some resulting in hundreds of millions of dollars in losses. As the number of cyber-attacks increase, and take more time to resolve, the cost of cybercrime continues to rise. Our thorough research paper is available to give a better understanding. Read more about this.


We use offensive cybersecurity skills, a methodology of testing the infrastructure the same way attackers approach it, we don’t need to be available locally at the organization office to perform testing instead we will try to find a way in through the internet by taking advantage of vulnerability available in your system and then report them after proving their existence.

In today’s world, where bad hackers do not need to be physically available in the organization to cause harm to its infrastructure, we need to be able to think like them in order to make sure that we consider everything possible to be able to stop them. This contrasts with the defensive skills that are old-school and easily cracked. These include setting up intrusion detection systems, intrusion prevention systems WAF (web application firewall).

During this process, we analyze an organization’s web-accessible infrastructures without disrupting any services available to users. We check if there are no vulnerabilities that could potentially compromise the organization’s data in any way or which can be exploited by hackers.

Any found vulnerability is reported in a well understandable and practical way showing clearly how the hacker can take advantage of it and we provide an understandable way to fix it.

We also test your android and iOS apps for any potential vulnerabilities. We review your code and test it to the limits to assess the security of your apps.

Through Many years we have realized that though many companies’ web-accessible are secure, most of their mobile apps aren’t well protected due to the lack of security experts in this field.


  • There are many different ways hackers can breach a system without compromising themselves, and they can work all 24 hours by automating tasks required to comprise online infrastructure. In recent years corporate businesses are becoming the number one target for hackers because they can gain a lot of money by selling data stolen on the black market especially bank cards.

  • Every day, new vulnerabilities are being discovered in previously secured platforms and hackers keep on creating new sophisticated techniques to attack online infrastructures. This makes it hard for organizations to keep up without the help of external help from cybersecurity experts. With the availability of non-traceable payment systems like bitcoin, a comprised system can be infected to delete everything on it as long the owner doesn’t pay the hacker.

  • Attacking online infrastructure is becoming a popular way for activists and rebels to advance their agenda due to low-cost vs causality. With just a few computers and enough skills, it is scarily becoming easy for a small group of people to conduct serious damage on a business.

  • The public has become more aware of cyber threats and is very sensitive to the issue of hearing that the services they use are compromised. Even the government are have put in place fines and charges against organizations that fail to protect their users’ data.

  • We are a very diverse team in terms of the skills we possess in the computing fields as we have worked on the security of all the products Inuma Technology offers from the e-commerce platform, InumaStore to InumaGPS, a tracking system. We have a high success rate in bug-finding in most of the infrastructures (from disclosed clients) we have worked on we have tested so far.

Private Program


Your organization can choose to do a trial of our services as a means to test that we are capable of what we say we can do. With your approval, we find you one critical vulnerability in one of your online systems and show it to you, free of charge, and suggest all possible answers. After that, if you were satisfied, you can go on with another program. This trial program serves as a point of entry for companies with a limited budget and with relatively less knowledge on the importance of online security.

Trial Program​


We will take a specific time frame to do thorough penetration testing on your online infrastructure with our whole team focused onto finding weaknesses and possible system vulnerabilities and the end, we provide a well detailed and simulated proof of all possible attacks that could be performed, along with all methods to fix found weakness. This program allows companies to fix security issues in their systems as soon as possible.

Bug Bounty Program​


Every day, new vulnerabilities are being discovered in previously secured platforms and hackers keep on creating new sophisticated techniques to attack online infrastructures which can be hard for organizations to keep up. This program allows us to keep watching out for your company for any weakness that may surface at any time. This program is not time-bound. The company will only pay us when we submit a bug report. However, our honest advice would be for a company to start with a private program and later continue with a bug bounty program to minimize the risk of being compromised.