After many years with our products: Inumastore, Inuma GPS Tracking System, Inuma Smart House and Inuma Self-Driving Car; 

Now it’s your turn!

we are completely thrilled to share our very own Inuma Cybersecurity. It is built from the inside out to be your next security in the cyber world.

We searched in the Whole Universe. Stars, Asteroids, Planets from Mars, Jupiter, Uranus …finally Earth.

Cyber incidents have been increasing in frequency and cost in recent years, with some resulting in hundreds of millions of dollars in losses. As the number of cyber-attacks increase, and take more time to resolve, the cost of cybercrime continues to rise. Our thorough research paper is available to give a better understanding. Read more about this.

Fasten Your Seatbelt As We Prepare For Landing in Rwanda. We have Gorillas, Great Parks, A lovely and Tasty Coffee, and Magic.

In 2016, Rwanda thwarted more than 1,000 cyber-attacks daily before they could affect targeted individuals, companies, and institutions like The Central Bank of Rwanda, which registered 80 hacking cases.

According to the 2018 Kaspersky Lab report, computer users in Rwanda faced the highest risk of local cyber-infection with a rate of 54.88%. Cyber fraud caused an economic loss to the country amounting to Rwf 6 billion in 2018 according to the 2018 Global Economic Crime and Fraud Survey.

Just wait…. What is in the package?

No Wrong Answers. Let us open it for you.

Here are some exciting features we are releasing for everyone to use them anytime, anywhere.

You got bugs, We hunt them!

It’s quite important to know that the internet is no longer a safe place for you. Security breaches can burn your assets down hence destroy your company’s economy. With our ‘Bug Hunting’ program, we  attack your system to identify back-doors and bugs before bad guy use them to terrorize your system. We grade bugs severity with their solution into categories.

Remember, your business’ globalization implies the incorporation of the internet.

We see something, We say something.

Our team reports everything wrong with your system to you in a well-graded report. We work with your IT experts to take action. The charging is only applicable upon submission of the report; not before. We do the job before the bad guys do.

Many years onboard, we have a lot to say

For the past 10 years when we started our journey at Inuma Technology, we have developed a handful of projects that at times function online. With them, a key aspect gained our attention. Their security.

That is how Inuma Cybersecurity Project was born. Roughly, we receive around 10000 cyber-attacks every single day mainly from India, Pakistan, China, and South America. None of them has been successful so far. To us, that reflects the struggle of other organizations some even bigger than Inuma Technology.

We welcome challenges

We are opening our doors to everyone who wants to test our Skills. Our Cybersecurity Team is ready to be challenged, We welcome any organization to ask us to  identify one bug for free as proof to our ability. 

Since 2010, we are continuously learning

Cybercrimes continue to rise. That implies updated security frequently. We are committed to making this program better than yesterday with continuous updates and trainings for our cybersecurity team through virtual hacking environments like Hackthebox and more. Your cybersecurity is our biggest obsession.

Finally, ask your antivirus and IDS to do all these things for you. We will wait.