Inuma Smart House is a home automation system; it allows you to control all devices inside your home right on your fingertips starting from lights, temperature, entertainment, surveillance systems to kitchen appliances, and many more. With the help of artificial intelligence, your home will adapt and learn from you and your daily activities and routines. A voice assistant with natural language processing capabilities; is available to help you by just listening to your voice and it will perform some tasks and provide a more hands-free experience with your home.

Always With You!

It’s Mobile

The story starts with your smartphone.
A smart house app is available so that you
can control your home with all features
right in your hand, available for both
Android and iOS.


Whether you are in your office, at the
bus station; you will have access to all
features of your smart home in real
time on your phone screen.
You will be able to switch off lights in
kids’ room when they were left on.

Your Security and Safety First

Let’s face it, that superhero is now here to protect you and it’s Your Home!

No More Suspicious Move

The Smart House is packed with Motion sensors.
They use high precision to detect any suspicious
movement from intruders inside or outside your
home, and can then trigger a security alarm.
Your family and your home are kept
safe from harm.

A Camera That Never Quits!

Being able to access real-time surveillance
footages, your home will be closer than ever
with the help of IP Cameras. You will know what’s
happening inside and outside your house.
Now you can focus on what matters; people
you left at home.

More Authentic

Using advanced biometrics, now your
home will know you even more and
recognized when you enter the house
and switch lights ON, Turn ON the
TV or just plays some music around.
With facial recognition, help hasn’t been
soo good!

Ready For The Unexpected

Fires are one of the unexpected accidents we
commonly face in our home and luckily, they
are preventable. Smoke Sensors use both
photoelectric and ionization capabilities to detect
smoke and CO inside your home and finally trigger
a fire alarm system and your home will alert you.

Bon Appetit

You can now cook your preferred meal
Without worrying about any gas leak that
could result in explosions.
Gas leak detectors are there to detect
Explosive Natural gas and LPG. Now you
can cook safely.

All in One With Security Mode

When you leave your home, take a nap or sleep
tight during the night. “Security mode” is here to
make these moments special. When activated it
puts your house on complete lockdown with motion
sensors to detect intruders, camera to watch them
and be notified via email or simply activate digital
sounds like “dogs barking…”.

Entertain Yourself in a New Way!

A new Media System, new Lights .... The party has already started.

Limitless Possibilities

The smart lighting system lets you choose
from 16 million colors to redecorate your
home, your everyday lighting is now a
new experience.
Available are bulbs, ceiling lights and led

Made To Last A Lifetime

Smart lights don’t need to be replaced
as often, they last 11 years and are
significantly energy-efficient (10W)
This will help you save money over

Brilliant Sound in Your Way

Inuma Music inspires different choices of music
by different people who are in different places
inside the house, whether you are in the bathroom,
another person in the kitchen you will have the right
to enjoy your own playlist.

The Choice Is Wide

Available offline and online, Inuma
music allows you to pick any kind
of song whether from the local
library (Offline) or online libraries
like Spotify, YouTube…
The choice is wide and yours.

Again, Again and Again

The system also incorporates access
to a wide variety of radio stations
both local and global .
A simple search through the stations
makes it easy to use and user-friendly .

A New Cinematic Experience

We are enhancing the television viewing
experience with a Streaming Box or
“The Future Of Video”. It gives you
unlimited access to thousands of online
streaming media that will surprise you.
The way you watch TV will never the same.

Everything is About to Change

“Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony.”
Mahatma Gandhi

Let’s Party

You deserve some fun in your new
home. Concert mode will help you
with that; when switched on, your
home will turn on lights in different
colors and immediately play some
music around.
You will never get bored again.

A Moment For Meditation

When you want to read your loved
novel or just want to make some
preps for the exams, Reading
Mode is there for you, your home
will put away distractions, freeze
notifications, lower speaker’s volume,
change light color, play soft music…
You need to focus on what matters the

More Scenes, More Fun.

Your home will offer you additional
modes like Eating, Party and many
more depending on your every day

“Hey Inuma, Switch On Lights”

“In Which Room?”

“In The Meeting Room”.

Say ‘hello’ to your Smart Home Assistant, built from inside out to help you
whenever you want it.

The assistant is built to help you even
more within your home.
Just ask it to perform some tasks like
switching ON/OFF lights, play some
music around, give you alerts when you
are not home, it works online and Offline. It’s an assistant, anytime you want it It will pop up to help.

People First

We always want to put people first, we
have opened a demo area for everyone
to test the smart house and its
features in our office at Rubangura
Building (Door -108 Underground
Floor), every day from 3 PM to 5 PM.