InumaGPS Tracking System is a fleet management platform. It allows companies owning vehicles to monitor their speed, fuel, driver behavior and performance, health with crash sensors, and many more… With the use of advanced satellite based tracking capabilities, everything you want to know about any vehicle in movement will be reported on your screen in real-time.
Think about it; this system is built and redesigned so that you can minimize vehicle investment risks, reduce transportation and staff costs, improve transport efficiency and finally save time and increase productivity.

Every Step of The Way

The system evaluates the performance of the driver on a daily basis by analyzing the speed of the vehicle, locations visited , time spent while moving, stopping or idling on any particular journey. Now it is easy to improve your fleet’s performance by knowing each vehicle’ achievement; the best and the worst.

Reduce Your Fuel costs

By measuring the change in levels of fuel in the tank by a fuel sensor, data is gathered and transmitted to the database for analysis and the system provides a clear report on the fuel consumption; you will be alerted about any discrepancies, theft, and fuel loss. InumaGPS is now your personal coach on fuel management.

Speed and Safety Together

Speed is a major factor in traffic accidents. Any measure of controlling that speed is important for fleet management systems. Our speed governor falls in that category too. They are the most important tools in improving road safety.



The “Notification Alert” is incorporated in the system to provide a convenient way of receiving instant notifications of dangers like collisions on the vehicle. You will receive alert notifications via mail or text message with the crash zone coordinates available in the system.

Easy Report

Due to the odometer reading of the tracker, our system provides a report of all distance traveled by a vehicle in a given period of time in proportion of the fuel used. Sit back and relax, every trip your vehicle takes; will be automatically reported.

Protect Your Vehicle

Can our tracker be used to stop someone? from driving your vehicle? Absolutely! Our system has the ability to stop the vehicle’s engine when being used by an unauthorized person. Stay safe, now you can track and stop your vehicle when it is stolen.