Inuma GPS Tracking System is a fleet management platform. It allows companies owning vehicles to monitor their speed, fuel, driver behavior and performance, health with crash sensors, and many more… With the use of advanced satellite based tracking capabilities, everything you want to know about any vehicle in movement will be reported on your screen in real-time.
Think about it; this system is built and redesigned so that you can minimize vehicle investment risks, reduce transportation and staff costs, improve transport efficiency and finally save time and increase productivity.

Ready for Prime Time

Let’s start with the basics, everything you can expect from a fleet
management platform is present here just for you.

Every Step of The Way

The system evaluates the performance of the driver on a daily basis by analyzing the speed of the vehicle, locations visited , time spent while moving, stopping or idling on any particular journey. Now it is easy to improve your fleet’s performance by knowing each vehicle’ achievement; the best and the worst.

Reduce Your Fuel costs

By measuring the change in levels of fuel in the tank by a fuel sensor, data is gathered and transmitted to the database for analysis and the system provides a clear report on the fuel consumption; you will be alerted about any discrepancies, theft, and fuel loss. Inuma GPS is now your personal coach on fuel management.

Speed and Safety Together

Speed is a major factor in traffic accidents.
Any measure of controlling that speed is
important for fleet management systems.
Our speed governor falls in that category too.
They are the most important tools in improving
road safety.

Like A Fridge, Unlike Any Fridge.

Inuma GPS can do more than just providing coordinates on your map. It is integrated with highly sensitive temperature equipment. If you want to move cold or perishable products this is the solution. The system with help from sensors provides real time changes in temperature. You will even receive alerts if the temperature of your vehicle is changing so you could decide accordingly. Never compromise your shipment again.

And Boom...!

The “Danger Alert” is incorporated in the system to provide a convenient way of receiving instant notifications of dangers like collisions on the vehicle. You will receive alert notifications via mail or text message with the crash zone coordinates available in the system.

Beyond Simple Mechanics

Our system provides engine diagnostic details based on On Board Diagnostic (OBD) technology with the support of CAN-BUS already integrated into the vehicle. You will understand everything that’s going wrong with your vehicle so that you can address any issue that arises in your car.

Build Your Own Map

It sounds like a story straight out of a Sci-Fi show, but now it is coming in real-life with “Geo Fence” and “Geo-Corridors”. These features will enable you to draw a virtual geographical barrier around a specific location on the map in only which your vehicle is allowed to move. Any trespassing, you will receive notifications from the system.

Reports Haven’t Been So Easy

Due to the odometer reading of the tracker, our system provides a report of all distance traveled by a vehicle in a given period of time in proportion of the fuel used. Sit back and relax, every trip your vehicle takes; will be automatically reported.

Protect Your Vehicle Now

Can our tracker be used to stop someone? from driving your vehicle? Absolutely! Our system has the ability to stop the vehicle’s engine when being used by an unauthorized person. Stay safe, now you can track and stop your vehicle when it is stolen.

The Best of Google Built-in

Launched in 2005, Google maps have been just one map with endless possibilities. Google Maps is useful for their satellite imagery, aerial photography, street maps, 360° interactive panoramic views of streets and many more. Combined with our GPS Tracking system, things are getting even better than before. Rain or shine, knowing the current weather forecast is really important for fleet services.

Built For Everything That Moves or Can Be Moved

The story continues with features that surprise into the light, not only they are helpful; finally, you will fall in love with them

Your assets, know where they are At any time

If you own a business, you need to know where each of your assets in your inventory is located. Not in the streets, now it is possible in tiny places like a shop, garage, home… Thanks to our RFID asset tracking technology; with small tags attached to your laptop, vehicle, wheelchairs… they use high frequency radio waves to broadcast locations of your items in real-time. This is a simple way against asset theft.

Where is My Package ...?

The market is changing and it is quite impossible to neglect it. If your business or store deals with a lot of shipments, you will need to provide accurate real-time information on shipments anywhere in the country and the world. Your next customers need to know where their shipments are located.

A Day Of Flying

The first piece of the equation for a a plane, drone or any other aircraft is the ability for the people on the ground to follow their information in real-time. Our system provides essential data like flight identification, altitude, vertical rate of descent or climb, speed and many more…

Time for The Sea

Now it is time to manage your entire fleet on a single screen, know where they are, get notifications via SMS or email on their departure or arrival time, when the ship stops abruptly. When entering restricted zones or leaving your geo-zone. Inuma GPS system is built to follow the adventure of your fleet at sea.

But Can We Stop Here? No.

Biologists, scientists, conservation agencies or a simple pet owner; it is vital to monitor and track animals, their movement patterns, demographics and many more. Inuma GPS is making wildlife tracking a little easier, people no longer need to run after animals to know where they are, the system does the job.

Some tips:
– Now endangered species can feel safe from hunters and poachers.
– The system provides alerts when animals break out from the zoo, national park, etc. Now, you can Intervene before they reach urban areas.
– When an animal dies, the system gets the information with the help of high precision temperature sensors and sends you coordinates. So, from now when animals are dying in mass, you will be alerted and intervene as early as possible.

The Best is Yet To Come

We are always learning. We will continue to
improve this platform and make it better
over time with continuous software and
hardware updates.